A hit from the indie studio Get Up Games has been released from early access – the pirate PvP action game Blazing Sails, clearly inspired by Sea of ​​Thieves. The game first appeared in 2020 and since then has collected more than five thousand positive reviews. By the way, you can only purchase it for PC through the Valve store and EGS. Moreover, in Steam There is a 35% discount that will last until November 20.

Blazing Sails invites us to go to sea and try out a new genre for this setting – Battle Royale. Only this time you need to not just remain the last survivor, but to sink all the enemy ships to the bottom. Don’t like this? It’s time to try out the Conquest Mode, where you have to capture islands, kill rivals and destroy their ships.

The game currently has several types of ships for a variety of fighting styles, but you can make the gameplay even more unique with the help of a variety of weapons. Shoot from a cannon at enemy ships or hide in a nest with a rifle – choose what suits you best. And so that team members don’t get confused about who the enemy is, customize the character and his environment: customize decorative elements, accessories, and even the ship itself.

Judging by the words of the players, Blazing Sails had a hard time, but the October distribution of the game on the Epic Games Store changed everything. Now the developers are doing their best to fix the remaining bugs, and the online system is in no hurry to disappear.



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