Blazing Core is a team-based tactical shooter about Mech Knights. Customize your mechs to suit your play style, combine your abilities with allies, invent and implement tactics in the battles of giant war machines.

We have all seen movies or cartoons with giant walking robots at least once. And many of us wanted to steer for such.
Once upon a time, the opportunity to fight online on giant combat robots provided everyone with a project called “HAWKEN”, but a couple of years ago it was closed. And now this game has its heir.

Blazing Core is a team-based tactical shooter about Mech Knights.
This is a project from OctoBox Interactive, which is a third-person session online shooter with mech knights in the title role. The project is intended exclusively for the PC platform.

Blazing Core Features

  • Combination of knightly aesthetics and giant robots
  • The ability to effectively combine hero abilities is more important than reflexes
  • The choice of a mech hero does not impose a strict role on the battlefield – you determine the rules of the game yourself, based on the tactics of the team or the game moment
  • The mech hero can be customized and upgraded. Unlocking new weapons allows you to fine-tune your character to your play style and adds gameplay variability

Thoughtless rush attempts are thwarted by well-coordinated tactical interaction, and a competent combination of mech heroes in a team gives an advantage on the battlefield.

It is especially pleasant that the game is being created by developers from the CIS countries, the full release of the game is scheduled for September 2018. In the meantime, you can try to get a shred of beta in the official group in contact.

Personally, I have already received my key to participate in the test and will definitely share fresh information with you.

In the meantime, I can only offer to enjoy the cool video below.


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