A fantasy action RPG came out a couple of days ago Black Faith: Forsaken. Its developers from Archangel Studios immediately accused of borrowing animations from Elden Ring, bloodborne And Dark Souls III.

As the developers explained, they bought these animations from the Unreal Engine Marketplace. In total, 10% of assets were added in this way, although large companies, according to the author Black Faithoutsource 70% of their game art because they have the money to do so.

The studio has already contacted epic gamesto clarify the situation. She also noticed that the seller, from whom the assets were purchased, has long been registered on the site – they say, he does not look like a scammer.

Even if everything turns out to be legal, the creators Black Faith make alternative animations with their own hands.

And that’s what Archangel talking about FromSoftwarewith games of which Black Faith unites not only the genre, but also animations (this fragment has already been removed from circulation):

FromSoftware outsources a lot of all the games you love. If you look closely, you will notice that the developers from this studio BUY hundreds of assets from other companies. They also reuse these assets because many of them are NOT made by themselves – which means they can’t change the animation on the fly, they have to work with a lot of companies doing the work for them. Sorry to disappoint you if you thought you did everything yourself Miyazaki or its 200–300 employees. They have thousands of contract artists from all over the world. Therefore, when comparing our game with Elden Ring remember that it was made by three people.

In addition, the developers were reproached for using images made by a neural network like Midjourney in the game. Their developers added quite consciously, but still promised to redraw.


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