The mobile game Blade of God II: Orisols has entered its second beta test. It runs on iOS and Android. On the first platform, you need to download the client via TestFlight, and it is indicated that “The testing staff for this beta version is complete.”

For the second platform you can download the Blade of God II client via TapTap. To log in, use your PGSoul account, you can even select the “Guest” option. But I couldn’t log in through TapTap – it gives an error.

In-game purchases will not be available during testing of Blade of God II: Orisols. The developers also point out that the game is not optimized for Android emulators and tablets.

As for languages, only English and Chinese are available. And to play you will need an Internet connection.

Blade of God II System Requirements

  • Snapdragon 845 / Kirin 980 / Exynos 9810 (8 cores);
  • 6 GB RAM;
  • Android 9.0;
  • 2400×1800.

The creators of Blade of God II: Orisols note that 1 year has passed since the previous beta test. This time they prepared:

  • Full story campaign;
  • Various basic mechanics and systems;
  • Multiplayer modes.

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