Something I recently hit hard on mobile games and completely forgot about the good old MMORPGs on PC. Meanwhile, some of them are actively receiving updates.

So MMORPG Blade & Soul received a major update called “Tiger School”. It brought a lot of new content to the game.

The most important part of it is the new Tiger School Trial Hall Ancient Dungeon, which is designed for a team of 4 people above level 60. In it, players will be able to loot new items such as Crimson Cloud Weapons, Skystream Ornaments, and special stones, as well as fight the new boss “Initiate Golden Tiger” for a special reward.

This is the first dungeon in the new location, Golden Tiger Island, with the second one due next month.

In addition to the new dungeon, the developers have made some changes to the skills of the characters in the game.

So my favorite master’s axes were fixed:

  • Error applying damage for Kick.
  • An issue where the “Deliverance” tag was displayed in the tooltip for “Grapple Strike”.
  • Added the text “On success for 3s. Inflicts a Knockdown effect on the enemy.

The full patch note changes can be found on the official forum.

In addition, two new events have begun: in honor of the sixth anniversary of the game and the Demon Village. They will allow you to replenish your inventory with new items and useful things. Both events start with a Message.


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