The Summon Master class is unique in that it can take advantage of the help of a furry companion.

Summon Master name a representative of one of the 7 classes in the game Blade and Soul. Only eared ones, which are associated with the Lin race, can play for this class. The race is unique in that here you can use the help of a furry friend, they call him a cat. He can act both as a tank and to contain damage. To improve the health of the owner is also included in his list of duties, as well as to fight off opponents. In general, a universal fluffy turned out.

The master of summoning (summoner) has a large arsenal of techniques: defensive skills, mass control. They are indispensable in combat and in helping brothers in arms.

What features can boast of this representative?

  • The first and very important feature is the help of a fighting cat
  • The second – physical damage is a small amount
  • Massive periodic damage
  • Rounding out the four is a small amount of both health and shield

Once you know a little about the game, you can get to know it even better in the tutorial, everything will be described there on managing the basic skills and abilities that the summoner has.

Improving Summoning Master Skills

call master class and catLeveling up the Summon Master depends on your focus on upgrades.

Remember that leveling up the Summon Master depends on your focus on upgrades. Next will be a guide on the use and purpose of skill building, and why it is used in PVP and PVE modes. The final build is made only by you.

For PVE mode Rose skill swings with the help of the second branch. She attacks several targets at once, during a crit she insists two poisons at once. If you didn’t like the first option, upgrade the first branch, this will increase the maximum damage to one target.

Next – wasp swarm. It can have several types of pumping. For maximum defeat of 1 target, the third branch is used. If the emphasis is on a long roll, then it is better to do it through 1 branch, the attack will be on several targets.

The second branch for Convolvulus-bloodsucker will be the best option. When the ability is in action mode, it restores 1 Chi.

For PVP mode, the ideal option is Thorned chestnut, it is pumped with the help of two branches at once. The first carries the function of increasing damage, the second removes half of the Chi from the enemy unit.

Properties tenacious vine work more efficiently on the first branch. The camp takes place on large perimeters and several points. The second branch is only one enemy unit.

Dandelion – one of the most useful skills, because it gives a protective buff, which applies to him and to the troops of allies.

Pollen protects against enemy ranged attacks. It pumps it with the help of the first branch, for a while the allied troops will become invulnerable, in addition, protection increases.

For PVE mode, the most necessary and useful is iron cover. Improve the second branch, which in turn will help to aggro the mobs on yourself.

Tactics in PVE Summon Master

Blade and SoulTo get familiar with the basics of combat, the Summon Master class is ideal.

To get acquainted with the basics of combat, this class will be an ideal option.

Learning the tactics of the Master in PVE mode will not be a problem.

First, use the Vine skills. Mobs, as befits, freeze, in parallel we throw damaging forces at them.

When the strength of the Vine is exhausted, we take on the Dandelion (it blocks the opponent’s attack). We repulse the attack and again beat with a vine.

There are cases when it is not possible to block a blow, then we use the Protective Cover, and then we ourselves use attacking skills.

Tactics in PVP Summon Master

The most difficult thing that you will have to learn in this tactic is the variety of opponents that you will come across. Each class has skills that will harm you in one way or another, and it is worth learning to play against such guys. Again, learn combos and test certain skills in the arena (similar to a training base).

How to counter the main Masters?

The basis of the basics of confrontation with such opponents is tossing the enemy with a combo strike.

Try to bypass the opponent’s attacks as much as possible. Once all attacks are absorbed by Dandelion, use Pollen or Bloodsucker Convolvulus.

To knock over an enemy unit, it will be enough to use a combo of Sweep, Press, and Claw Scratch.

Again, the above combos are for a novice player who is just breaking into the battle arena. If you are already experienced and experienced, in any way in your pocket of knowledge of combinations there is a combo that can defeat anyone.

Summon Master – guide


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