Blade and Soul came out a long time ago, and since then the game has constantly evolved. In this review, we will discuss its current status and answer the question in the title.

Review of Blade and Soul in 2023

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So, Blade and Soul. The initial release of the project took place in 2021, and since then this MMORPG has gained worldwide popularity. The developers added new content to the game, constantly adjusted hero classes and patched technical holes, which is why this role-playing game has undergone significant changes over the years.

Below we will talk about the main features of the modern version of Blade and Soul in detail.

Concept and gameplay

The gameplay of Blade and Soul is based on multiplayer battles between players, as well as leveling up heroes and getting the things they want. Conceptually, the project follows the theme of oriental martial arts, adapted to a fantasy universe. We have several key classes with unique fighting styles, as well as plenty of opportunities to test your strength and skills in battles with other players.

Like most other representatives of the genre, Blade and Soul combines PvE and PvP activities. Heroes can explore a pseudo-open world filled with non-player enemies, complete quests and fight powerful bosses. As a reward for defeating them and success in completing missions (missions are divided into single and group), you can get many cool items, including clothes and weapons for the hero.

It is worth noting that the armor, helmets, bracers and the like that are familiar to us in this game serve a purely cosmetic role. The characteristics of heroes are affected only by the weapon that you give to your hero. For this reason, among professional Blade and Soul players, the gamer’s personal skill is so valued – most of your success in battle depends on your ability to master and understand the intricacies of your hero and class.

As for PvP, it is represented here mainly by arenas. There is no free PvP in the game as such, but you can go to a closed area at any time and test your abilities in a duel with another player. The developers constantly hold competitions and tournaments with valuable rewards, so battles between real opponents here are not just entertainment, but a serious layer of content in which you will have to improve if you want to play Blade and Soul seriously.

There are also clan wars in the game, which take place in separate zones. By becoming a member of one of the local communities and entering into a conflict, you will be able to freely attack representatives of the enemy clan and receive additional bonuses for defeating them. You may also be subject to a surprise attack from an enemy, so be careful when visiting areas with free PvP.

Story and combat system

Blade and Soul review – is it worth playing in 2023?

Blade and Soul also has a story, although it doesn’t really stand out from the lore of other MMORPGs. We are a typical chosen one who has a long way to go from homeless to king of everything. In fact, you will not become a king, but the game will try to convince you that it is you who are especially significant here, and everyone else is just for the background.

The combat system in the game is based on combo mechanics. By combining various techniques, you need to carry out combined attacks, increasing the damage dealt to the enemy. It is necessary to think through your future build taking into account the harmonious combination of different skills, the skillful and timely activation of which in battle will allow you to defeat any opponent.

Changes in 2023 version

Over the course of several years, Blade and Soul received a lot of large and small patches that made the game different from its original version.

Among the main points that are worth highlighting in the modern version of the project:

  • New locations, including a large mysterious city with a lot of fresh activities and quests;
  • System of group tasks of increased complexity;
  • Several characters ready to teach your hero new techniques;
  • An advanced system of equipment improvements to increase the hero’s combat characteristics.

Blade and Soul review – is it worth playing in 2023?

Of course, this is not all that the modern version of Blade and Soul can offer to MMORPG fans. You have the opportunity to obtain rare artifacts that increase the combat skills of your avatar – this will come in handy in battles with powerful bosses and during clan wars. Clear teamwork with your teammates will also help you defeat your enemies: by combining the abilities of your heroes, create killer combos and win tactical battles that test your endurance and understanding of the basic mechanics of the game.


As always, an important element of Blade and Soul is platforming. In the process of exploring open locations and dungeons, not only monsters await your heroes, but also traps and puzzles. Are you used to the fact that in online role-playing games you just mindlessly press the keys and use your skills? This won’t work with this project; sometimes you’ll have to use your head a lot.

Traps in Blade and Soul are divided by type, as well as by difficulty level. You may be forced to jump on platforms in the correct order or, for example, perform a certain sequence of actions in a limited amount of time. Memory, ingenuity, dexterity and strength – Blade and Soul will test all this in you and your friends and, if successful, a valuable reward awaits you.

Is Blade and Soul Worth Playing in 2023?

Blade and Soul review – is it worth playing in 2023?

If you like the setting of martial arts, you are a fan of the MMORPG genre and love games in which the player’s personal skill is important, and not the thickness of his wallet, then you will definitely like Blade and Soul. In 2023, there are not many worthy representatives of this direction, and it just so happens that due to a shortage of projects on the market, authors of classic games have to adapt their old releases to modern realities.

Despite this, Blade and Soul is not a niche game. Yes, it has a high entry barrier, but it’s not because of its pretty eyes that the game has been popular among true fans of the genre for many years now. The project boasts beautiful graphics, interesting level design and dynamic battles. Both fans of classic PvE and fans of hardcore PvP will find interesting aspects in this world.

Plus, the game is free, so why not check it out?


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