Black Moon Playpark is a new mobile game with an anime style and in the action genre. Gamers will destroy monsters in 2D levels to level up and participate in PvP with other players.

For Black Moon Playpark will be held beta test from October 12 to 16. You can play on Android and PC, and the game client can already be downloaded through the official website. The beauty of this project is the short play sessions; even if you only have a few minutes to spare, it will be enough.

I’m glad that Black Moon Playpark has manual controls and battles take place in real time. The developers will also add massive battles between guilds, and they can be on different servers. For winning them, players will receive rare rewards.

In Black Moon Playpark you can customize your weapons and choose active skills. This will allow you to choose a play style that is convenient for a particular gamer. In total, the developers promise more than 100 guns and pets that provide boosts.

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