Gaijin Entertainment has announced the release of the “Gods of War” update for the online military action game.

The game debuts the American helicopter MH-60L Black Hawk (the same “Black Hawk”), the experimental Soviet missile tank “Object 775”, the Chinese fighter-bomber JH-7A, as well as modern self-propelled howitzers of NATO countries and China (after which it is named update) and dozens of other types of equipment.

The Black Hawk in War Thunder is presented in the MH-60L DAP variant, intended for special operations (such as in Somalia in 1993). This is a special attack version of the helicopter, equipped with Hellfire, AGR-20A and AGR-20B guided anti-tank missiles, Stinger anti-tank missiles and Hydra unguided missiles.

The Soviet “Object 775” is one of the projects of a tank with guided missile weapons embodied in metal. In addition to ATGMs launched directly from the gun barrel, the Object 775 can use a good high-explosive fragmentation rocket.

In addition to new technology, the game features several new mechanics. For example, aircraft have a new type of weapon – armor-piercing aerial bombs. They detonate after overcoming a certain thickness of armor, which makes it possible to more effectively hit particularly protected targets – for example, ships of a large fleet. And tank armor-piercing sabot shells now take into account the damage caused by the elements of the detachable pallet. In addition, the game has added a detailed multifunctional target designation system JHMCS (Joint Helmet Mounted Cuing System), used on the F-16C Block 50 and F-16D Block 40 (Barak II) fighters.

Also added to the title is a tank location of a new format – Flanders. Its design varies depending on the technology used. For example, if you play on World War II vehicles, you will see old houses and a fallen airship. And with modern technology you will come across a crashed transport plane and the buildings of the tourist center.


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