Mobile golf games are perhaps one of the most boring genres; in theory. But the release of Birdie Wings: Let’s Swing in Taiwan and Hong Kong on iOS and Android calls this statement into question. This game has everything you need for success: 3D graphics, anime style, beautiful girls, a clear interface with English letters and pleasant music.

Birdie Wings: Let’s Swing can be compared from afar to Birdie Crush, but they are not the same game, and mechanically Birdie Crush leans more towards online tournaments with more unrealistic characters.

In general, the gameplay of Birdie Wings is not very different from its colleagues in the industry, but it has one advantageous side – golf is a rather calm sport, where you have to calculate the strength and direction of the ball strike for a long time and in silence. And when other anime golf games rely on cute girl screams, burning club animations and PvP, Birdie Wings does not have anything superfluous: visually follow the direction of wind currents, tap on the screen for an accurate shot and collect your reward.

Of course, there is PvP in Birdie Wings, as well as stylish outfits for your hero.

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