Someone probably thinks that there are too many metroidvanias. But the studio Lucid Dreams she doesn’t think so for sure: she announced another representative of the genre – BIOMORPH.

AT BIOMORPH we, as usual, have to explore a non-linear world, communicate with NPCs, find secrets and upgrades, and fight opponents, including optional bosses. The hub location will be the city of Blythemoor, the view of which will be allowed to be customized.

A distinctive feature of the game is the ability to take the form of killed enemies. Their abilities can be used in battles and while exploring the map. Meanwhile, the creatures that you became earlier will discover new powers in yourself – when you revisit locations, the fights will be more difficult.

In addition, the authors promise unique skills for the protagonist and a sophisticated arsenal containing melee and ranged weapons. For each murder weapon, they came up with a separate pumping tree.

BIOMORPH will run on PCSteam) and Nintendo Switch in 2023. Russian translation is not declared.


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