Trash Sailors is originally a game for PC and consoles, and soon a mobile port. For now, you can play the Android version through Chinese market. The developers report that an activation code is not needed, and there are enough places for everyone.

In Trash Sailors you have to sail on a homemade raft and fight off pirates, spiders, mechanical sharks and other enemies. Also during this time you should not touch sea mines. And if you let the enemy get too close, he can bite off part of the raft. Then there will be little room for the crew, including the cat.

Trash Sailors received mixed reviews on Steam, despite the fact that the PC version has 4-person co-op, and the game was released back in 2021, so critical bugs could have been fixed in 2 years.

Those who have played Trash Sailors note that after about 15 hours of gameplay, many of its elements become routine. Also, it is impossible to go through the story “solo”; if bots or even matchmaking were added to the mobile version, then this will be a salvation for those gamers whose friends do not want to play this kind of game.


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