Fire Warrior 2 is being beta tested on Android in China. You can download the client via Chinese market. Servers are open from November 2 to November 9. Donation is available, but after the servers are turned off, progress will be reset.

Those who have played the current version of Fire Warrior 2 note improvements on all fronts compared to the May beta test. But they also compare FW2 with other mobile FPS, noting the lower quality of the second part.

Fire Warrior 2 players also complain about poor aim assist. At the same time, compared to the first part, the developers from Tencent have added character skills, which makes shootings more unpredictable, and hero builds more situational and narrowly targeted.

What is most interesting is that those who have played FW2 note that the most common and mythical weapons do not differ much in damage. But the design of the guns could be modernized.

There is no word yet on the global version of Fire Warrior 2. It’s also worth seeing how this game will compete in the Middle Kingdom with Valorant Mobile.


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