The game that conquered a huge number of players around the planet!

There is no better game for unleashing creativity than Minecraft. I have spent countless hours destroying blocks, collecting the necessary materials for my next masterpiece, which, otherwise, would have remained only a dream.

I also spent a lot of time exploring the world, climbing caves and cutting through hordes of monsters.

My character and the world around him is constantly undergoing changes, turning into whatever I want. I write history, create my own destiny and bring my ideas to life with each new block.

Minecraft is remarkable not only for its ability to awaken creative impulses, but also for its unique graphic style.

Of course, I understand that it looks technologically outdated and weird, but how many games can boast such a cute and charming picture? And I know that a lot of people feel the same way, otherwise the graphics of Minecraft would not be so recognizable.

Try taking a texture from Gears of War, Halo or Uncharted, stick it on a T-shirt and find someone who recognizes the game. You are unlikely to succeed. The graphics just do their part, creating a unique and memorable world, and awakens in me a slight feeling of nostalgia for the days of 8-bit games.

What I like about Minecraft

minecraft houseIt is very difficult to survive in the game without your own house, because at night danger awaits everywhere, the extracted resources need to be stored somewhere, etc.

I love building in Minecraft, but what I enjoy the most is that everything in the game has to be done by myself. In survival mode, you appear in a randomly generated world completely without anything. Before the first night comes, you need to find food and collect resources to create tools and build a shelter.

When I installed a wooden door in my first dugout, I was filled with pride. In other games, you can simply buy a home with the money you earn, without having to gather materials to build it in the area. But when I look at the house I built, in which every detail is in its place, I either like it even more, or I change something. And having completed it, it became clear to me what I would do next. Digging into the ground, look for everything you need to build a fortress on your small piece of the world.

minecraft workbench and craftTo get the necessary item, you need to correctly combine resources, for this you will be helped by a workbench

Crafting items in the game is one of the most important features available to you. However, the catch is that you won’t find the information you need in Minecraft.

When I first cut down some trees and harvested some wood, I had no idea what to do with it. Thank God, like many newcomers to the game, I had a “mentor” who told me about the numerous forums and communities. Now, when I can’t remember the recipe for crafting an item, I have to close the game and look for it on one of the specialized sites. It’s like a rite of passage in a way, but overall it’s a silly crafting model.

I would like recipes to be obtainable in the game in some way, even if they had to be searched around the world. There is nothing interesting in the banal reading of the instructions on the site and its step-by-step implementation.

But even when you find a good resource dedicated to Minecraft, it will take a lot of effort to study the information. Absolutely all the recipes for items that you will encounter in the game are complex and take time to learn. Many games have sparse documentation, but Minecraft doesn’t have it at all, and the information available is not easy to digest.

minecraft zombie attackDo not relax, zombies, creepers, skeletons, etc. will constantly “break” to your territory

And yet, the pleasure of Minecraft is worth it. You become truly addicted the moment you start surrounding yourself with things you create. Suddenly, at night, when monsters fill the unlit areas of the world, you are not so scared. Not that it’s not scary at all, but when you hold even the simplest wooden sword in your hand, a feeling of confidence is instilled in you. Like a caveman shaping his first spear or maintaining his first fire, I feel more confident with the simplest tools and a torch. I feel that I am in control of my destiny because I can do things that will help me survive.

In addition to ensuring survival, the very process of creating new items generates new goals. At first I did the necessary things (tools and torches), but eventually moved on to items that were of no practical use. To complete my first stone tower, I needed stairs: after all, jumping from platform to platform is unworthy of the ruler of these lands. The work went slowly, because I was increasingly distracted by projects that were not of practical use, but interesting for me. For example, glass panels did not give me any advantage in my world, but my Star Wars AT-AT looked unrealistically cool with them. The degree of difficulty of crafting depends only on your desire. You can create any tools, build buildings or run a whole system of railways that will take you from the Stone Age to the 20th century, making you feel that the fate of this world is only in your hands. It’s exciting and gives you a sense of power that’s never been seen before in other games.

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How I play Minecraft – impressions of the game

minecraft nether worldMinecraft has various caves, dungeons, and the dangerous Nether!

After I settled down, the purpose of my stay in Minecraft began to change. Each new visit to the game became an adventure, where I explored the world in search of the next incredibly important ingredient for a new recipe. These self-created quests sometimes lead me to the Nether, a fiery dimension where rare materials can be obtained from the inhabitants. At times, I venture into deep caverns, clad in armor of my own making and armed with an enchanted sword, to be ready for any foe. I have no idea what I will find or what horrors I will face this time, but I do all this searching in the name of precious blocks and the thrill of facing the unknown.

This feeling, the feeling of an unexpected and unpredictable adventure every time makes playing Minecraft unforgettable. From time to time I have to do routine things, collect resources or hunt, but sometimes I can stumble upon a huge, randomly generated mine full of monsters and treasures. Since every time you launch a new world is created, you never know what you will stumble upon this time. Today my character is a simple builder, and tomorrow it’s a dungeon crawler, smashing enemies in the dark.

A little about Minecraft multiplayer

minecraft friendsPlaying with friends is not only fun, but also useful, as houses are built faster together, the necessary resources are obtained, and it is easier to defend against zombies

Of course, any adventure is much more interesting with friends, and Minecraft’s multiplayer is great for this if you can get it running. No, it works and doesn’t suffer from bugs, but unlike most other games, it takes a lot of steps to play it. To get started, you will need to download an additional program and read through all the setup guides.

A player who simply wants to connect to an already created game needs to know the IP address of the server, since the client does not have a built-in search for online games. But despite the nuisance and tediousness of setting up online mode, if you have the ability to play online, then you should definitely try it. Exploring the world, looking for adventures, building incredible structures will cause much more emotions in the company of friends. Also, if you’re planning on building giant monuments over a long period of time, you’ll definitely need someone to show them to.

Of course, the video can be posted on the Internet, but it does not compare with friends nearby who share the joy of your success. Or, even better, when they return after a long absence, they will be shocked by the miracles that you created while they were gone.

minecraft creative modeIn the game, you can turn on the immortality mode, build whatever your heart desires, since all the resources that are in the game are available in the inventory

And if you don’t feel like playing with others and collecting resources in Survival Mode, you can always launch Creative Mode. Here you are immortal and have access to any item and block in the game. This is a great opportunity in case you, for example, want to build a giant Death Star from Star Wars. Although for me this style of play does not bring that sense of satisfaction that I get in survival mode, since there is no need to mine rare blocks and fight for my life in the process.

Many of the blocks require a lot of effort to obtain (some have to go into monster-infested labyrinths to find them) and when I manage to get them, it’s a lot of fun. However, creative mode remains a fun activity for creatives.

Video review of the game Minecraft


As with any other review, my take on Minecraft is based on my experience with it. Perhaps you don’t get the same thrill of adventure that I do, the satisfaction of building your first home. If so, then you probably won’t like the game. And that’s okay. Minecraft is less limited than any other game by its gameplay. This is a huge, wild, untouched world that challenges the player. The question is not what you need to succeed, what you need to win. But what dreams would you like to realize.


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