The vast majority of anime produced to date have received a male character as the main character. Yes, it is far from always possible to call such a man, but the fact does not cease to be a fact from this. At the same time, women in the main roles are mostly shown in shojo and otome titles, but there are exceptions! I’ll clarify right away that no “promotion of the agenda” is foreseen in this material, and the main purpose of the material is precisely the demonstration of titles that are united by the tag “woman in the lead role”.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure/JoJo no Kimyou no Bouken

Let’s start, of course, with modern classics. Haters may start talking about how the main characters are always men, but what they don’t know is that Joseph Joestar is the best girl…

Ahem … Because in the last season at the moment, the main character is Jotaro’s daughter named Jolyne, and therefore everything is in full order and the title is where it should be.

Ergo Proxy/Ergo Proxy

Released 17 years ago, the Ergo Proxy series told us a very deep story about humanity on the verge of extinction, in which Ril Meyer played the main role. The girl had to investigate the reasons why local robots are starting to go crazy and realize in the process that the problems are much more serious.

“Ghost in the Shell”/Koukaku Kidoutai

And this is a fairly large franchise, which even once made an extremely mediocre Hollywood film with Scarlett Johannson in the title role. I do not recommend watching the film to anyone, but every self-respecting person of culture should familiarize themselves with the 2002 anime series Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex. Of course, I will not give you any plot spoilers, here it is simply unforgivable.

“Military Chronicle of a Little Girl”/Youjo Senki

To be honest, I doubted until the end whether the series was suitable for this list due to the fact that in life, before entering the new world, the heroine was quite a man. Actually, that’s why I still doubt the correctness of the addition, but I mentioned the title, and even without isekai it would be sad.

“Journey of Kino”/Kino no Tabi

And this is actually a road movie in the form of a series. The heroine travels the world in search of adventure to her ass, and the talking motorcycle Hermes helps her in this. Whether you decide to watch the 2003 or 2017 series doesn’t really matter, but the new one looks much better. However, you can see everything at once, I will not judge.

“Sweet dream in the castle of the lord of darkness” / Maou-jou de Oyasumi

Any selection must contain at least one isekai and at least one comedy. “Sweet dream in the castle of the lord of darkness” belongs to the second genre, and the story tells about the princess kidnapped by the lord of darkness, who will eventually arrange real terror for the inhabitants of the castle in the name of her sweet dream. In general, it was not that she was locked up with demons, but the demons were locked up with her.

“Kill or die”/Kill la Kill

Studio Trigger often delivers us something outrageous. So, in fact, it happened with the anime Kill la Kill, which reveals the theme of a conspiracy of alien clothing. Add to this the magnificent soundtrack from the great and terrible Sawano Hiroyuki and the ecchi tag loved by absolutely everyone and everyone, and we get a 24-episode masterpiece that cannot be ignored.

Violet Evergarden/Violet Evergarden

Perhaps one of the most (if not the most) beautiful anime series in history, for which real monsters from Kyoto Animation are responsible. The quality bar in the production of these comrades is so high that only ufotable and Clover Works can compete with them now. However, now is not about that. The series and subsequent films tell the story of a girl who was once made into a weapon for war, but the confrontation is over, and now she needs to somehow integrate into society, and even understand what love is, which she declared to her before her death. boss. Inside, the viewer is waiting for several touching stories with the common plot of Violet herself penetrating them, as well as simply a magnificent audiovisual series.

“White Box”/ShiroBako

Ever wondered how anime is produced? If it was, then in front of you is a show for you, and even the narration will be conducted on behalf of a pretty girl. What could be better? Here you can learn about the processes that make up the production of your favorite anime, as well as the difficulties faced by the authors of those.

“My next life as an otome game villain”/Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou no Tensei shiteshimatta…

Isekai was. There was comedy. So it’s time for an isekai comedy! A game-loving Japanese woman, after her death, finds herself in a world that is very similar to the world of the otome game, which she did not have time to complete before her hit. In addition, she was reborn in the body of the main villain of this game, for which, in fact, every root means, at a minimum, exile, and, at a maximum, death. In order to avoid her fate, the girl decides to master all the skills necessary for survival, but in the process, due to her natural stupidity and kindness, she collects a huge harem and those who were supposed to be her enemies.

“Recoil Lycoris”/Lycoris Recoil

A brand new series with a lot of action about an organization that consists of schoolgirls and is engaged in providing security for the entire population of Japan. In the center of the story are Chisato and Takin, who, due to various circumstances, were distant from their organization and help people in ways different from other Licorices. The series can be perceived as a John Wick anime with cute girls. There is a lot of action, a lot of shooting, a lot of Chisato on the screen.

Twelve Kingdoms / Juuni Kokuki

And for dessert, a title for those who are over 30 years old. A title that can rightly be called “cutting a healthy person”. In the center of the story is the most ordinary Japanese schoolgirl Nakajima Yoko, who, by the will of fate, ended up in another world and was forced to play the role of a local ruler. Scandals, intrigues, investigations and betrayal are included.


And that’s all for me. I’m definitely aware that there are more titles with female leads, but my initial goal was just to remind them of their existence, and not to list them all at once. After all, no one will argue with the fact that girls are more pleasant to look at than men, right? Unless it’s JoJo or Bucky, of course. In any case, you are free to write in the comments the names of other titles with women in the lead roles, and I take my leave for this and wish you not to be ill, not to be beeches and watch only good anime.


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