Beedom is a mobile game in the MMO strategy genre. It was released on November 1 in the App Store and Googel Play in many countries, including the Russian Federation.

The main task in Beedom is to build your medieval hive to protect the Queen. To do this, you need to extract resources, erect new buildings, join guilds and participate in PvP raids on enemies.

Beedom has received a high rating on Google Play – 4 stars out of 5, and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. Those who have played complain that it no Russian language, so many points are unclear. Although she is also praised for her colorful picture.

I’m guessing this game involves summoning powerful warlords through the gacha system. They are the ones who will lead your troops to victory. The developers also promise different modes:

  • Dungeon Temple Mysteries in roguelike format;
  • World bosses;
  • Endless Tower;
  • PvE caves for collecting resources.

In the US, Beedom reached the top 35 place among strategy games and received rave reviews in the App Store.

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