The new product received mesh top and front panels, Silent Wings 4 fans, and ARGB lighting.

The Dark Base 701 case replaces the Dark Base 700 model, but its concept takes a slightly different approach. The Dark Base 700 was designed for virtually silent operation, while the Dark Base 701 is designed to provide intense airflow and high cooling performance. There are three included Silent Wings 4 140mm PWM high-speed fans (max. speed up to 1900 rpm) and it is possible to install up to five additional 120mm or 140mm fans.

Installation of hard drives and solid-state drives into the case is carried out without the use of tools. Fans and radiators (up to 360mm long) are installed on a removable front frame outside the case or on the top retractable bracket. The motherboard tray can be removed to assemble a test bench outside the case, or to assemble an inverted system layout. For vertical installation of the video card, three additional vertical slots are provided (an optional riser cable adapter is required).

Start of sales of be quiet! Dark Base 701 is scheduled to release in European stores on November 14th.


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