The Star Wars universe is one of the most sought after and popular in the world.

Actually, today I would like to share with you my impressions of how I spent the weekend in the arcade online shooter Star Wars: Battlefront II, from Dice and Electronic Arts.

And to be honest, this is the most unusual project in the world of Star Wars. I still can’t figure out if this game is worth paying attention to four years after its release. And how has she changed since then? Moreover, until January 21, the game can be picked up completely free of charge in the Epic Games Store. So, the game clearly deserves to be given a second chance at life. But how good it is now, I will try to tell you in this article.

Electronic Arts has been making games under the Star Wars license for years, but perhaps the Star Wars: Battlefront games stand apart. These are great arcade shooters for all Star Wars fans. And the first game in this series that has a full-fledged, single-player company with a story. But it is the last thing we care about, since it should be considered only as teaching the basics of playing Star Wars: Battlefront II.

But loot boxes, which used to cost really cosmic money, and of which the studio even fell under a scandal at one time, now fall on us for every movement in the game.

Star Wars: Battlefront II - how good is the game after 4 years?!

So now the more time you spend in the game, the more loot boxes you will get to level up and customize your character.

Star Wars: Battlefront II - how good is the game after 4 years?!

The main feature of the game is a huge selection of heroes from the world of Star Wars

For example, when I entered the game for the first time, I was very surprised by the number of these very heroes, at the level of the best fighting games of the 90s

Just look at this set of playable characters.

Star Wars: Battlefront II - how good is the game after 4 years?!

I’m not saying that all these characters, in turn, are made into classes, of which there are as many as 4 in the game:

  • The officer- Officers reinforce allies. They impose powerful effects on nearby fighters. They strengthen the battle group and use their abilities to increase the effectiveness of everyone who fights nearby.
  • shooter- Fast, survivable, and highly effective at close to mid-range, marksmen move inexorably forward, paving the way for teammates.
  • heavy fighter– thanks to a durable suit and an individual shield, a heavy fighter is extremely effective both in defense and in attack.
  • Specialist – trickster on the battlefield. They harass the enemy with deadly traps, provide comrades with intelligence, and fire at enemies from a distance.

Star Wars: Battlefront II - how good is the game after 4 years?!

In turn, there are five modes in the game in which you can show your playing skills for a particular class:

  • Superiority” – Capture the flag (object) in 8×8 format. Perhaps the most confusing mode, because it is not clear where to run and what to capture.
  • “Star Fighter Battles” – “Multi-stage” space battles 12×12. Each side has 20 AI ships. You can fight on fighters, bombers, interceptors and ships of heroes.
  • “Fight” — Team deathmatch, where you need to score 100 kills faster than the enemy team. 10×10 battles take place in a small area. Here we have a standard team fight to the last frag. So, if you just wanted to shoot in the spirit of Conter-Strike only in the Star Wars universe, then this mode is definitely for you.
  • “Heroes vs. Villains” -Team deathmatch 4×4 between the legendary “dark” and “light” heroes of Star Wars;
  • “Galactic Battle” Large-scale battles in the 20×20 format at various locations from the Star Wars universe.

Personally, I liked the Skirmish mode most of all, in which you can just shoot with pleasure at your appanets and there you definitely understand where yours is and where yours is. Let’s play the same battle on the map “Clone Factory” or “Republic” is very fun and directly resembles a scene from the movies.

In general, the game is noted for its spectacularity and, perhaps, it is even more correct to say cinematography. Sometimes, in the heat of battle, you just look at the number of explosions, sounds and other special effects and easily miss a shot in the forehead.

That’s what, but imbalance, unstable connection, always falling servers in the game are enough.

So, for example, immediately after the start of the free distribution of the game in the Epic Games store, the players started having problems. They are unable to join multiplayer due to error codes 623, 918 and 721, which indicate that they are not connected to the EA servers. On Twitter, the company acknowledged that there were connection problems due to the influx of players and significant server load, and later said that the problems were fixed. In response to this, users left a lot of messages that the problem with connecting to the multiplayer still remains and at the moment only the single player mode is available in the game.

Star Wars: Battlefront II - how good is the game after 4 years?!

Star Wars: Battlefront II has experienced a renaissance over the past three years. I can’t say that this is a hit and everyone should play it, but fans of the world of Star Wars should definitely try the game, because it is crammed with various fanservice and references.

If we talk about the game separately as a good shooter, then here it is also not the worst. And rather resembles the same Battlefield, from the same developers. Only, perhaps, the pleasure of shooting between players and interacting with various types of equipment during battles is much greater than in the same Battlefield. So, if you never liked BF but always loved Star Wars, then this game is for you. And if you just like to shoot and see yourself as an esportsman, then this game will suit you too. Just to get some fun with gunfights.


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