Players can expect the second PvE storyline, new maps for PvP modes, weapons, free characters and events.

Along with the update, two new maps became available to players: “Orbit”, designed for the “Demolition” mode, where players can fight on a space station, as well as “Chinatown” – a compact symmetrical arena in a traditional Asian style, in which players will have to hone skills in the “Team Battle” mode.

The second part of the story mode has also become available in Battle Teams 2: the new PvE mission “City”. The team will again have to chase the main villain, who has escaped from the underground city to the surface. The new Sortie location will be the Subway, where players need to hold off waves of monsters in the subway lobby. The task is to survive at any cost and destroy all enemies.

In addition, two new characters will become available: intelligence officer Annie Chow ‘Weasel’, who can be obtained with the MSR Orion rifle as a sidearm in the Undercover set, and Venny ‘The Stalker’, a former member of the crime syndicate, who can be obtained free during a special in-game event.

Finally, the update also affected weapons: sets with the new “Giulio” series will appear in Arsenal. The main prize is the AKM Giulio star weapon, and you can also get weapons from other series from the box. In the new “Terrible Era” set you can find two new series of guns – “Epoch” and “Styx”, as well as their permanent and temporary versions – M4A1 “Epoch”, BSG-14 “Styx”, QJB-95 “Styx” and VSSM “Styx”.


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