Ravager SIX is a mobile game that was formerly called Raider SIX. This is an alternative to PUBG Mobile, at least the graphics and landing from the plane are similar. But there are also differences. So, while the player is waiting for opponents, he can ride a horse, jump over obstacles and shoot at targets. More on other differences later.

Ravager SIX is available in Indonesia on Android; This is a trial run. The graphics are better than in PUBG Mobile, some interface elements also look more interesting and inviting.

In Ravager SIX you can also not only fight with players, but also destroy the monster. That is, if in PUBG Mobile gamers receive this only during events, then the monster in this mobile game can be permanent.

Another difference is that gamers must collect rare loot and, in order to take it with them, evacuate via helicopter. Moreover, when the air transport arrives, you still have to climb the stairs. Interestingly, in this game there are also caves in which you can collect special containers that increase the total number of points for the match.

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