Kompete is a new game for PC, consoles and smartphones, available as an early version on Android and PC. You can download the client through the official website.

The Kompete project offers several modes: classic survival until the last player on the map and even kart racing like in Mario Kart. They involve 12 people who must drive 3 laps and collect items to gain an advantage over their opponents.

The developers of Kompete can be praised for the quality of the picture and character animation – although it can hardly be called Unreal Engine 5 level, this game is qualitatively different from PUBG Mobile, Warzone Mobile and Free Fire.

Kompete supports NFT, so players can collect items and sell them. Also in the early version there is character customization with a bunch of skins. They are divided into rarity levels – from Common to Holy.

Kompete supports purchases through the Ethereum cryptocurrency. This will allow you to fully own your items.


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