The battle royale Blood Strike has arrived in Southeast Asia on iOS and Android. You can download the game through the App Store and Google Play, for example, Philippines. Even budget gamers like the project, since on Redmi 9A FPS stays around 50-60 FPS without compromising graphics.

The developers of Blood Strike promise new content – a map Storm Peninsula, the “Logistics Center” map for hot firefights. Players can also try their hand at the shooting range and other custom modes in a private room.

Along with the new update, Blood Strike comes with a new season pass with a fighter and weapons P90. It is expected that there will be several “paths”, including free and premium.

There is also an event in the game – if you improve one weapon to the required level, you can get free legendary skin.

As for the release of Blood Strike in Russia and around the world, March 24, 2024 is indicated. Apparently, this game is not yet ready to compete with Warzone Mobile, having been released before the brainchild of Activision.

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