No matter how strange it may sound, but the main goal of fighters in War Thunder is to destroy all visible enemies, and also try to conquer the air space. This means that you should try to fly high enough, keep an eye on enemy planes and shoot them down, and, most importantly, do not need to look at the air defenses and various means on the ground, they will only do something to distract you. When a battle takes place in the air, it is clear what role the fighter plays here, but you first need to know what types of fighters exist. They are different: both light, and heavy, and medium, in which there is reinforced armor, which are more suitable for the role of attack aircraft.

Light fighters

These fighters are lightweight, they have excellent speed, they can also do good maneuvers, their armor is weak and medium, but this class has one difference: only it has medium weapons. The main goal of this type of fighter is to destroy similar fighters, in general, speaking, you must shoot down the same fighters that you fly, only enemy ones. Due to the fact that the game has excellent graphics and exciting gameplay, such aircraft are very interesting at first glance and it is pleasant to play them, get a lot of invaluable experience, which plays an important role in the game. When choosing a light fighter, you need to think about what tactics to use on this aircraft beforehand. One of the advantages of a light fighter is its speed, which you still need to know how to use, you also need to know the aspects of maneuvering combat, where you will have a good opportunity to bombard opponents. It is also worth remembering about tactics, which always play a big role in every game of this genre. When you feel that danger is close, you need to choose defense tactics, roughly speaking, you must do everything in such a way that your aircraft receives the least amount of damage. For example, you can compete with the enemy in a maneuvering battle, where you will win accordingly, your fighter will behave perfectly, because with the help of speed you will be able to break away at a sufficient distance so that the enemy does not catch up with you and your aircraft does not shoot down. In such cases, it is best to use ammunition with high explosives, as well as with fragmentation actions – because the enemy’s armor, as always, is weaker than that of your aircraft, and because of this, you will be able to deal maximum damage to the enemy.

Interceptors. high altitude fighters

This type of fighter has medium and heavy weapons, high speed, its weight is large, as well as medium, the armor is at an excellent level, but their maneuverability is not up to par. The purpose of these fighters is to find the bomber by any means and destroy it at any cost. If you could not make the destruction – then you need to quickly move to the safe zone. On this class of aircraft you need to fly high, there it will behave freely, there it will not be subject to execution or even destruction, but when it is at low altitudes it is formed by a simple wooden log, in which vulnerability will be at the first level. Players have one tactic in their luggage, with the help of which they can make good use of all the advantages of a given aircraft.

Your opponent will be afraid to approach you. And it will not even be taken into account whether you caused damage to the enemy or touched it a little – the possession of the tactics itself should come first. But even here there is a special tactic in order to shoot the bombers. It is necessary to look for such places and enter from them, where there will not be many turrets, where you will definitely not be reached. You need to attack the wings or the engine, which is the most vulnerable part of this type of aircraft. It is best to always take armor-piercing and incendiary ammunition, because only with them you will be able to deal the most damage to enemies.


Fighting at short distances, with fighters, is one of the main mistakes of all enemies who believe that more enemy aircraft can be defeated in this way. But it is at such distances that your fighter can pretty much twist. In addition, many players use the wrong tactics against bombers, because of which your aircraft will be damaged at best, destroyed at worst. So you need to remember that each of the fighters has its own tactics, with which you can play at a higher level and destroy more enemy aircraft.


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