Bare Knuckle Boxing is a mobile game that was released on October 17 on Google Play. In it, gamers create and customize their avatar, and then participate in fist fights, giving commands to the fighter to perform this or that technique.

Before the start of the battle, the player can choose which location he wants to fight in – it can be a regular ring, or it can be a cool room with a mounted TV.

Among the disadvantages of Bare Knuckle Boxing, I note the absence of blood and damage to the face. At the same time, this game allows you to fine-tune the graphics by removing the referee and spectators in the hall for higher FPS on budget smartphones.

The modes in Bare Knuckle Boxing include:

  • Quick battle;
  • Career;
  • Education;
  • Fury;
  • Multiplayer (unlocks at level 2).

For constant victories, Bare Knuckle Boxing players will have to constantly train, visiting gyms, and also use equipment.

Author’s opinion

Bare Knuckle Boxing felt a bit arcade-y to me. In terms of gameplay, it is not much different from EA Sports UFC and boxing games – although you can dodge and block strikes, they are difficult to predict, since there is no time to read your opponent and memorize the animations of strikes. Therefore, basically, whoever has more durability and HP wins.

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