Bamboo Warrior is a mobile game that has appeared on Google Play in all countries. It offers single-player missions where the player takes on the role of a ninja with bamboo as a weapon. Despite the pixel graphics and differences in the setting, Bamboo Warrior can from afar resemble the very first Metal Gear, which was still released on the NES.

There is no information about the iOS version of Bamboo Warrior. Also the whole gameplay concept is to fight soldiers in the forests using bamboo and other weapons. You can also find equipment of different rarities, which increases the hero’s characteristics.

I’m glad that Bamboo Warrior has completely manual controls. The hero also has superpowers – he can teleport to a weapon that he throws at enemies like a spear.

The description for Bamboo Warrior says that the game takes place during World War II. Here are the features of this project:

  • Challenging levels — interaction with different objects and many enemies;
  • Talent tree and hero leveling;
  • Exclusive equipment;
  • Epic story.

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