Adventurers will now be able to use the power of the Fox Spirit to transform Maegu into Hwaryeong and hit enemies with elegant attacks.

Awakening gives players the ability to use fox flames and will transform Maegu into the deadly Hwaryeong. The following furious attacks will be available to users:

  • Shamanic Dance: Use foxfire claws to knock back enemies.
  • Fox Sparks: Light a spark of fox flame and hit enemies behind you with a somersault.
  • Graceful Spin: Lunge to the side and attack enemies in an almost dance-like twist.

Black Desert Mobile also added two in-game events in honor of the release of Awakened Megu, which will last until November 6:

  • Hvoren Login Promotion: Log into the game daily, play for up to 120 minutes and receive a Chaos Core, Title and much more as a reward.
  • Premium Khvoren Mark Log: Log into the game daily and receive useful items, including Black Pearls, Gain Recovery Coupon and other bonuses.


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