If you, like me, were sad that in August there would be no cool role-playing multiplayer projects that you can get stuck in, then I have good news for you.

Already on August 13, at about 17:00 Moscow time, he will conduct a stress test in the MMORPG Embers Adrift. The following can get to the upcoming testing: participants of the previous testing and users who have registered or will register in the near future on the official website of the game.

If you don’t remember then Embers Adrift (former Saga of Lucimia) – many call this game an old-school MMRPG. The maximum emphasis, in which it is placed specifically on the game in groups and guilds.

In addition, this game has the most classic death mechanics – after a defeat, the hero loses all his loot, except for the equipment he is wearing, and also receives penalties to physical parameters. After each death, a backpack with things will fall from us, which, besides us, other players can also drag. In turn, PvP elements in the game are practically absent.

The game itself will be distributed by subscription, and all content in it promises to be free.

As the developers themselves say, their task is to create a unique experience in the MMORPG genre and create a unique project inspired by old role-playing games.

In the meantime, just below you can watch a fresh trailer for the game, in which the developers talk about the features.


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