Fans of retro shooters probably remember the 2018 hit – Dusk. A kind of vigorous Halloween mixture of all the famous FPS of the 90s, like Doom, Quake, Blood and Hexen. Its developers from New Blood Interactive decided to slightly update the retro textures and literally remake all the content in the game for HD. And they didn’t just decide, they did it, announcing Dusk HD as part of Realms Deep 2023.

The upcoming update has been known since the summer of 2022, but then the studio only wanted to rework weapons and enemies. Since then, plans have changed dramatically. How stated in Blood: “We redid every single texture. For you. For free. Don’t thank me.”

The remaster will be released on the fifth anniversary of the game – somewhere on the 10th of December 2023. And a full trailer with a before/after comparison will appear earlier – exactly on Halloween. Coming with the release of Dusk HD is also a modding kit so players can upload their creations to Steam.

Dusk HD will not be a full replacement for the game and will be free spread via the Steam Workshop. But PC Gamer notedthat the developers plan to include new textures in the game as an additional option if they are well received by fans.


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