Atelier Resleriana is a game for smartphones and PC that was released in Japan in September. Now publisher Koei Tecmo Games is preparing for a global release – pages have appeared for the project in the App Store, Google Play and Steam; Unfortunately, there are no pages in the RU segment. Also, the Russian localization is not indicated in the Apple market. The only thing we can hope for is a release by January 31, 2024, as indicated in the App Store.

Atelier Resleriana will be a F2P project with beautiful 3D images and anime style. Interestingly, this game can be played single-player, as stated on Steam. The Japanese voice acting is excellent, and there are also “breast physics” that catch your eye even if you don’t care about it.

Atelier Resleriana features turn-based battles with a lot of special effects, especially from the active skills of the characters. They are divided into elements and classes. You can try this game at least for the picture – it is so colorful that you want to see how the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will cope with it.

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