A class that feels great in PvP, the main thing is straight arms

This guide is more of an overview, since at the moment the amount of information on all classes in the game is not so great. And Assassin among them is one of the least popular characters. And this is somewhat strange, because Titan Siege in many ways imprisoned for PvP, for the very mode in which Assassin feels just great. Although there is one simple explanation for this – as in most other MMO RPGs, Syn (as it is also called) is intended for experienced players. And now there are few of them even on European servers, not to mention Russian-speaking ones.

In general, our Assassin is a character that is very strong in PvP, but difficult to level and master. And now we will analyze what caused this situation.

The main features of the Assassin class in Titan Siege

titan siege assassin in the partySin has very weak defense, but huge single-target damage.

What are the main features of this character? First, it does not have enough powerful protection. Of course, you can say that the playable casters (Summoner and Wizard) are even weaker in defense, but they attack from a distance. And our knight of the cloak and dagger is forced to converge with the enemy in close combat, which is much more dangerous. In addition, we have practically no AoE skills. Yes, you read that right, Sin has only a couple of area-of-effect and multi-hit skills, and all of them are available only at high levels. And this means that we will be able to destroy the mobs only one at a time, maximum two at a time.

“How then to swing?” – you ask. It’s simple, as soon as the opportunity arises, start going to various dungeons and fight as part of a group. Here you will be covered by a tank and a healer, and you can concentrate on dealing damage. Assassin is especially good at various bosses and other tenacious opponents. It is on them that he can fully prove himself as a strong damage dealer, which he is. If only because only really powerful opponents are able to “absorb” the entire series of blows of our character, and at the same time stay alive.

Speaking of staying alive. The main complaint of most players is that Assassin dies too quickly. But here everything is explained simply. Almost every user pumps, first of all, skills that cause damage, and only then takes various defensive skills. And this approach is not very good even for PvE Sin. In PvP, this is a sure way to the grave. So how should Assassin be developed?

Assassin Skill Selection

assassin buildThe Assassin has several options for pumping – into the Assassin, Rogue or something in between, it’s up to you

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to make precise recommendations on the choice of skills. The fact is that even those few experienced players who know how to develop an Assassin argue about which skills to choose. Therefore, we will give you general recommendations, and in terms of specific skills, you already decide on your own.

In total, Assassin has two main development paths. They’re called Murderer And Rogue.

The main difference is that the Assassin is geared primarily for stealth attacks, while the Rogue fights in open combat – more so, at least.

And the main mistake of most players is that they try to download only one of the branches. The killer, in its purest form, deals damage very well from stealth and knows how to use it very well, but if the enemy catches him in an open battle, it will be difficult for him to survive. And the Rogue, while better at surviving combat, is not able to start the fight with a really powerful backstab.

What to do here? So, stealth and survivability are important for Assassin’s PvP, as well as a fairly powerful attack level. When pumping, we take those Killer skills that are responsible for stealth and backstab. From the Rogue, we need all those skills that are responsible for powerful damage in an open battle. So we can “open” the battle with a strong blow from invisibility, after which we will quickly destroy the enemy without escaping and without going back into invisibility.

Another thing we need is all the skills that increase survival. Strong debuffs, increasing your own evasion – in general, something that weakens the enemy and strengthens you. The priorities for choosing skills can be sorted like this – first we take everything that helps to survive, and then approximately equally in stealth and direct damage skills. Try different options, and who knows, you may find your recipe for success.

Video: Playing as Assassin in Titan Siege


In Titan Siege, it’s really hard to play a class like Assassin. It can only be recommended for experienced players. And it is for those who prefer PvP battles. It does not have high survivability, nor a large number of AoE attacks. But at the same time, in capable hands, he is perhaps the most dangerous opponent in PvP. You can see for yourself if you properly pump and choose equipment. And then everything is only in your hands. And let luck in battle be always on your side.


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