The assassin is chosen mainly by people who love PvP, as this class is great for this

In Game Royal Questas in most similar MMO RPG, there is a class whose main calling is stealth assassination. Here he is called Assassin, and his goal is to inflict as much damage as possible within a certain time. Moreover, this damage is inflicted on one target. In fact, this is one of the main features of this class – it has almost the highest DPS (damage per second) on a single target. It doesn’t matter if that target is a mob in PvE or another player in PvP. Another feature of the Assassin is that only he has skills that allow him to move in stealth mode, albeit for a limited time.

To be fair, it must be said that Assassin is not a standalone class. This is a profession that can be mastered Thief, who has reached level 20 (in general, a subclass or prestige class, as they are called in some other games). And it is chosen, most often, by players who need a character for PvP battles. But what exactly can this class do? That’s what we’ll talk about now.

The main features of the Assassin class

royal quest assassin featuresSyn uses a dual one-handed weapon, he has almost the highest dps on a single target

The first thing you should remember when playing this character is that you have almost no defense. Some aesthetes manage to create assassin tanks, but believe me, this is not a path for a beginner, especially since these characters still cannot compete with classic tanks.

Our main goal is to deal damage, fortunately, for a sin (as the players also call it), this is not so difficult.

We use paired one-handed blades – cathars or daggers.

Most players prefer cathars due to the fact that they deal more damage. By the way, constantly try to update both your weapon and the cards that are inserted into it. Your combat effectiveness directly depends on this.

assassin in royal quest main parametersThe main parameters are Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, and of course Luck

For those who do not know, there are only four main parameters in the Royal Quest game, which are the same for all classes – these are Strength, Agility, Endurance and Luck.

The most useful for us will be Agility, which increases attack speed.

Also, do not forget about Endurance and Luck. The first increases the number of hit points (useful in PvP) and energy reserves, and the second increases the chance of critical damage.

Strength is not so useful – it, of course, increases the damage that we inflict, but Agility is much more useful in this regard.

Our character also has such a resource as cunning. It is gained when you successfully deal damage, or successfully avoid it. It is used to enhance some of your attacks.

Assassin Skills and Talents

royal quest thief, assassin costume Assassin can go into the shadows, teleport, poison his victim and much more

First, let’s analyze the skills of our hero. I will not list all of them here, I will mention only the most important ones. Firstly, it’s Stealth and Fade – two skills that activate our class ability – invisibility. It is they who help to quietly get close to their victim, escape if everything turns out too cool, or inflict additional damage. You must have both on the quick access panel without fail. In conjunction with invisibility, two more skills are used – these are Chase and Strike from the shadows. Chase allows you to teleport to your prey (but only in stealth mode), and Shadowstrike deals very powerful damage if done from behind and from stealth.

In order to escape from the battle, we need the Secret Lair and Teleport to Lair skills. The first leaves a mark on the place where we want to go, and the second immediately sends us there. To deal damage, we have the following skills:

which damages allies as well, but gives a very large one-time damage;

which, among other things, reduces the armor of the enemy;

which just hits quite hard, especially on targets that have been poisoned;

– The most favorite skill of all Assassins, which deals damage and immobilizes the target for the duration of the ability.

You will also benefit from all the skills that poison targets (for example, Toxic Cloud and Shadow Blink). Firstly, they increase your dps, and secondly, when using the Detox skill (it is also worth taking) on ​​a target that is poisoned, you will restore some of your health points. And, of course, don’t forget about controls – all those skills that immobilize, slow down and blind your victims.

assassin royale quest pvpThis is one of the most interesting but not the easiest classes in Royal Quest.

Now let’s talk about talents.

For PvP, as always, those skills that allow you to control the battlefield will be especially useful.

These are, first of all, Deep Freeze (increases the duration of the freeze from Frost Bomb) and Magic Bomb (adds a horror effect to Magic Bomb – your enemies scatter in fear, and cannot attack or cast skills).

To better survive, use the Sneak talent (increases dodge when leaving the shadows).

For both PvP and PvE, you should take those talents that increase the damage dealt (for example, Poisoned Blades and Sneaky Strikes).

Pay special attention to everything that adds and enhances poison damage. In combination with these talents, Deadly Poisons (Detox also deals damage) and Eat Poisons (Detox just becomes more effective) will come in handy.

In general, for Assassin’s PvP, control and survival talents (such as Sneak and Escape) are more useful, and for PvE, anything that increases damage dealt

Assassin build in Royal Quest

In conclusion

Assassin is not the easiest class, but definitely one of the most interesting. Therefore, if you are a fan of a good and dynamic fight, then this class is for you. Dare!


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