The Chinese are already downloading the Ashfall game client on iOS, Android and PC to try out another beta version. This time will be able to play only those who have received qualifications. Also, developers sometimes open new waves of invitations, so apply and wait for the letter of happiness. The deadline for applications will be November 29, since the test servers will already be closed on the 30th.

I’m expecting new content in the Ashfall beta, as well as optimization for mobile devices. It will be interesting to see if Chinese company NetEase Games manages to recreate Fallout 76 and its mutant wasteland. So far, everything hints at just this, but not all hardcore and classic gamers like mobile features.

Chinese gamers note that if we forget about the publisher NetEase, the gameplay and plot seem very interesting and promising. They point to visual bugs, mainly related to lighting and character shadows. Well, developers should work on optimizing for budget devices.


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