Artifacts is a mobile game that allows you to play the role of a Stalker. Project released July 2, 2023 on Google Play. After downloading, players need to create an account, be sure to add numbers to the password. The developers warn that for violating the RP rules, that is, refusing to play the role of a serious Stalker, they can be kicked from the server.

As the name of the game “Artifacts” suggests, Stalkers will search for and collect artifacts using advanced detectors. These artifacts give super powers and attract deadly mutants. And since swag each player is different, then they can bargain with each other.

But finding and trading artifacts is not the only thing you can do in The Artifacts (English version). Top Stalkers will be able to form factions and take part in large-scale PvP battles for territories. In this case, players can play different roles:

  • Dangerous bandit;
  • Disciplined soldier;
  • Legendary hero;
  • Debt Defender.

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