Art Heist is a mobile game available on iOS, Android and PC. The project was released on different days on all 3 platforms: October 17, 18 and 13, respectively. And since this is a premium game, you will have to pay for it 359 rubles on Google Play and 249 rubles in the App Store.

Art Heist is made in the puzzle genre, during which the player will explore the estate from the first person. He has to solve the theft of a valuable painting.

Those who have played Art Heist note the varying complexity of the riddles: at first they are easy, and the next moment they make you think. Often you will have to travel from room to room, looking for codes and numbers to open boxes.

The soundtrack in Art Heist seemed soothing to gamers. The developers promise that every puzzle has a logical solution. Players will collect items to later interact with the environment. And if it gets too difficult, you can use the hint system – since the project is premium, you don’t need to watch ads.

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