ARK Survival Evolved has received a remake of Survivel Ascended for major platforms. It seemed that the mobile version was not touched, but this was not the case – the game was removed from Google Play, although it remained in the App Store. Perhaps this is temporary and the project will soon not be available on iOS. Link to Play Market via official website does not work.

Players on forum ARK Survival Evolved reports that they have heard about the creation of a mobile remaster, but there is no information about it yet. I asked the developers a direct question, so I will update the news when more information becomes available.

This attitude of the developers of ARK Survival Evolved Mobile towards players is reminiscent of Bethesda with Fallout Shelter – Microsoft’s wards do not share information with players about new updates and plans for an already old game. Therefore, when it suddenly disappears from the markets, gamers begin to sound the alarm and build different theories.

What you definitely shouldn’t expect from the ARK Survival Evolved remaster on iOS and Android is cross-platform Survival Ascended, since the game was made on Unreal Engine 5.


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