In November, the active phase of collaboration with the Aria group will begin, the Black Friday event will begin, and new Soviet submarines will become available for research to all players.

In update 12.10, the active stage of cooperation with the famous group “Aria” begins. Now the game will feature musicians as commanders with specially recorded voice acting, exclusive permanent ship camouflage in the Aria style, as well as a collection of unique items and videos from the band.

Black Friday themed activities will last throughout version 12.10. Players will immediately upon entering the game be greeted by a naval base port updated in honor of the event, as well as six new “black” ships – Smolensk Ch, Black Black, Iwami B, Brandenburg B, Lazo Ch and Repulse B. In addition to them, ships will also be on sale Black Fridays from previous years, as well as new Black Friday 2023 containers.

With the release of update 12.10, the branch of Soviet submarines will become available for research to everyone. All submarines in the line have access to alternative torpedoes, which are characterized by high speed, long range and low visibility. Acoustic-guided torpedoes, compared to their classmates, have low range, speed and damage.


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