Pathfinder – 50 lvl

The Pathfinder class in ArcheAge is formed by combining three branches: Pursuit, Stealth and Resistance.

Who is a tracker in the game ArcheAge? This is an archer. Why is this class interesting, and what distinguishes it from other variations of the archer? The main thing is that this class is distinguished by the maximum mobility that an archer can achieve.

Pathfinder is one of the best RDDs in this game, has a lot of pluses and few minuses, feels very comfortable in sieges, as well as in mass PvP and solo PvP. Of the advantages, he has a very large damage, very high mobility and good anti-control. Of the minuses, he only has the fact that he does not penetrate well characters who have a Defense branch.

As already mentioned, all archers in this game have two standard skill trees – pursuit and stealth. As well as the third branch, which is different for them – for example, it can be Resistance, which gives the ranger mobility and allows you to kite targets, that is, not get close to the target, while attacking it from a machine gun using stealth. It also gives you anti-control, which is very helpful and allows you to keep kiting.

The archer in ArcheAge has the largest range, that is, the distance of destruction (he has 28). Compared to a mage, that one can only have a maximum fireball range of 25. Therefore, if you are very skillful and can stay in these three branches, then no mage will be able to damage you at all.

The Resistance branch also adds a good def to you, especially from the magician, thanks to the energy shield. As well as pain relief.

Now let’s talk about equipment.

Pathfinder Set

Let’s say right away that it makes little sense for an archer to take a steam bath at the expense of gear. Here it makes sense to use only one option – this is the Pathfinder set (the main stat is dexterity, the additional stat is endurance). Why is dexterity so important? If you hover over a stat, you’ll see ranged accuracy and ranged crit chance – meaning your damage is directly related to your agility.

What do archers and in particular the Pathfinder wear in ArcheAge? All archers in the game should wear medium armor directly, since only medium armor gives agility, and agility is needed for an archer to boost ranged attack power. She accelerates with a bow. Ten points of Dexterity gives one Ranged Attack Power.

Which medium set to choose? It is better to take a cloak for attack speed. It is also worth looking at the cloak for running speed and for returning damage to you in the form of HP, that is, you are damaged, and 7% of this damage is healed to you. A great option is the Cloak of the North. The cloak of Noart Lair is also quite good.

As for jewelry, there is something to think about. You can take a necklace for dexterity or for returning damage in the form of HP. The Earrings of the North or the Earrings of Salfimar are almost perfect, adding good agility and endurance.

Next are the rings. The first thing that comes to mind is to take the Rings of the North. And it’s really a good choice. Well, the best rings for an archer are the hunter’s rings, which give almost one hundred percent armor penetration. That is, in fact, it ignores the armor of your opponent.

As for the bow, the dexterity crafting bow is ideal, but it is quite expensive, so the Khazir Golden Bow is the best.

We also advised you to take the pipe for dexterity. You can, of course, take the pipe for endurance, but the archer does not need a lot of HP, he must keep his distance, jump from the target and kite it.

The Lute of the Traveling Minstrel will do just fine.

The archer must have a pair of weapons, namely daggers, axes, sharpened sickles, and so on. It doesn’t play a big role. The main thing is that when you have a dual weapon, you are hung up with the “weapon in both hands” buff, which, in addition to increasing damage from melee attacks, increases attack speed by 8%

Characteristics of the Pathfinder

Now let’s go over the characteristics of the Archer.

Agility in relation to stamina is desirable to keep two to one. Cool bows that can kite very well, especially if they are in hunter sets, this ratio can be three to one (for example, 900 agility for 300 stamina). But unfortunately, agility is very hard to overclock without having a hunter set.

Further, the archer has a very high dodge chance compared to other classes. On average, every fifth hit will be dodged, and if you are hit by some archer with a machine gun, out of five shots, only four will hit you.

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Well, let’s sum it up. The Pathfinder may not have the same survivability as the Huntnk, which we will talk about in one of the next guides, but this class is well balanced. That’s all.


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