In the guide for the ranger, this interesting class was described in a basic way. In this article on the game ArcheAge, we will look at three pathfinder builds from the author of Bepo and His Eden. The first build is a solo PvP build. The second build is for a party or a raid. And the third is a siege build.

Build for solo PvP


So let’s go over the skins. From the standard here Stun Shot And Serrated Arrow.

Further: falcon spirit (increases damage) Archer Stance (gives you ranged attack power if you stand still) Label (increases damage, moreover, hangs for a long time and increases damage not only to you, but also if your comrades-in-arms hit this target), Demolition Shot (the only, in fact, normal AOE for an archer, it casts quickly and does a quick amount of damage).

Of the passives, there are predator instinct (affects speed and increases attack power), Sniper (increases range by 5 meters and accuracy of shots by 2%), An eagle eye (increases the chance of inflicting critical damage).

The standard critical damage for an archer in combat is 75%. That is, if an archer deals 1000 damage with a normal strike, then with a crit it will be 1750.

And the last skill in the Survival branch is survival instinct. The skill is masthead, present in almost all builds. It gives just hellish crit for 30 seconds. From the very first launch, it adds as much as 20% to the crit chance, and as it approaches zero, it reaches 40%. Ultimately, in the last seconds of this buff, your crit chance can reach around 65%, which is a lot! Given the archer’s rate of fire, you’ll be hitting with essentially solid crits. However, after using this crit comes a side effect, namely a debuff that reduces combat speed, running speed and casting spells, that is, there is little you can do within 7 seconds. But it’s worth it.

On the Stealth branch in solo PvP, we have Rebound (allows you to bounce off the target, thus you can move away and continue kiting). This is the only skill that allows you to confidently kite.

Machine gun, namely Avenger’s Excitement – Everyone should take it! Otherwise, you can not call yourself an onion.

Agility – an excellent buff that increases movement speed by 35%, agility – by 160% and gives 16 to a ranged attack, not counting the fact that crit is also increased by 2%. Allows you to still kite targets confidently, due to the fact that it will be just very difficult to catch up with us.

As for passive skills, there are Looking for a gap (All archers should definitely take it). For 30 seconds of this buff, an archer from a machine gun can easily demolish three or four people.

Our Resistance branch starts with a fairly standard set. This Teleportation (allows you to jump 15 meters in the direction where we are looking, and thereby successfully kite the target)

Iron will – this is against all sorts of copies, enchanting songs, stuns, jumps, melee people. In general, a useful thing that will save your life more than once

triumph of will Returns 7% damage as a heal.

Pain suppression – a very interesting passive, which with one percent gives you a chance of invulnerability for 3 seconds.

Dream And Spell theft — good skills against the same melee. You walk up to the target, cast Spellsteal, press Sleep, and she falls asleep. At the same time, you steal some kind of buff, you can even steal Deaf Defense. Further, while the target is sleeping, you quickly jump away from it, get into the archer’s stance and hit with some kind of explosive shot that deals a huge amount of damage.

In the Stealth branch, it may confuse someone that there is no Ominous Shadow here, but in our case it does not make much sense. Better take cobra toss And Reprisal. This is a standard set of melee, that is, we set a target and hit it from the back. And the coolest thing is, Mutilate hangs a disarm for 3-4 seconds.

Build for parties and raids


The first branch here is no different from the previous build, so let’s move on to the second one.

Here, instead of Cobra Throw and Massacre, Poison Arrow And sinister shadow (allows you to run away by teleporting to an ally or increases running speed by 50%)

Why is Cobra Throw not taken? Because in parties and raids, the archer should not be in the forefront at all. You must always be at a distance of 20 plus meters from the target so that no one gets you, and at the same time you give out damage.

Poison Arrow – cool in that you hit her first, then hit with the Mark, which deals more damage to the poisoned target. Then you can hit the notch, which also gives more damage to the poisoned target. If, with all this, you have gained a lot of bloodlust from the excitement of the avenger, then the damage will be simply prohibitive.

Nothing special has been changed in the Resistance Branch either, but Indomitable has been replaced with Spell theft, which is cast very close – within 4 meters. In some case, this can save you, but in this case it is better to take Indomitableuse it before the fight and not worry for 20 seconds that some two archers from an explosive shot will debuff you.

That’s all about the build for parties or raid events, that is, for 5-50 people.

Castle siege build


Changes here have befallen the first branch – Pursuit, in which one AOE skill is taken, namely Downpour of arrows. It looks cool, but is actually useless, because it still deals little damage. Why do we recommend this skill? The fact is that it hits at a very long distance – 58 meters, and it causes huge damage to enemy vehicles, namely trebuchets and tanks.

The flight of the hawk – the skill is quite controversial, but in sieges it will allow you to fight both archers on the wall, and if you debuff the wall, you can rise above it and deal an infernal amount of damage, remaining almost invulnerable to enemies, especially if you also use your buffs.

Added to the Stealth branch Fury of Melisara. What is onion bloodlust anyway? When you hit with a machine gun, you have a certain probability to accumulate a level of stacks. With this buff, this accumulation will be twice as fast. Why is this buff needed? When you hit with a jagged arrow or a machine gun, under these stacks your damage increases very seriously.

Since you have a lack of talents, a kite remains on the Resistance branch, namely Bounce, teleportand Iron willwhich is needed in case you are still controlled.

Energy Shield here can be replaced with Indomitable. That’s all about the tracker.


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