How to earn gold in ArcheAge

This guide is dedicated to such a topic as earning money (gold, gold) in the game ArcheAge. First, we will look at the general methods, and then we will move on to a more detailed description of the extraction.

So, in short, the easiest way is a farm! The essence here is very simple – you breed animals, milk or slaughter them, and you can sell the resulting product.

A more interesting way is to farm in locations like Stonehold or Thundering Passes.

The next way you can earn gold is, of course, transporting packs – a rather tedious method, but it can be significantly speeded up thanks to an improved tractor. Yes, it is expensive to make, but it will quickly begin to pay for itself. You just make a top tractor and start carrying packs around your location, that is, the trick is that you carry them inside your continent. Thanks to the tractor, you can transport a large number of packs at once and rent them in your peaceful zone.

The next way is to squeeze packs from those who carry them by sea. Places where spinning can be done successfully include, for example, Cuba.

A fairly common way to make money in ArcheAge is to mine stone or ore. There are places, for example, in Tiger’s Ridge, where there is a lot of ore in one place. In such places it is very profitable to collect ore. If you do not know where to spend your work points, come to one of these places. In this way, in 10 minutes you can earn an average of 10-20 gold, if, of course, you have enough OP.

Another way is to plant grass (for example, clover). In general, you can see for yourself at the auction what is valued, but I choose clover, because although it is inexpensive in itself, the rare resources that fly out of it are not very much valued. Clover planting requires seeds and a cozy place, preferably on the mountains. In any case, clover is pretty cheap, so don’t bother with where to plant it. Clover grows for one hour – in an hour come and collect it. After you’re done, fly to sell. Each four-leaf clover is worth two golds. Thus, by spending 5 gold, you can get an average of 30 gold. The benefit is obvious.

The next way to get gold is to go to instances, for example, in the Al-Harba dungeon, which is very easy to solo at level 50. In one run, you can earn from 10 to 15 gold. At the same time, it takes about 15 minutes to enter. So this is a very profitable business. Plus, you don’t have to go solo. In this way, you can earn good loot, which can then be auctioned off – legendary and purple items are especially valued.

One of the most exciting ways to mine gold is to raise underwater treasures. Underwater treasures are found underwater almost all over the world, you just need to find them. The method is very interesting and exciting. However, in this case, you may have to deal with sea monsters. Chest spawn time is exactly 12 hours. Therefore, if you have farmed a chest, you can come back in 12 hours and farm it again. To raise the chest from the bottom, you need to craft a lifting bag using leatherworking – this requires rawhide and silver parts. The reward in the chests is always random – usually some kind of rune that adds a characteristic to the item. Or an incomprehensible spare part that can be handed over to the store for good money. On average, you can get 7 golds from one chest.

Well, the last way to earn gold in Ark Age is an auction. The trick here is that you come to the auction, open, for example, blades or runes, in general, any things, and look at the prices. Very often, people who are unfamiliar with the market put a very small price for a very good thing. By buying and reselling these items, you can make good money, but you need to regularly monitor the auction and be aware of the prices.

How to earn gold without spending work points

If you were looking for the answer to the question – how to quickly earn gold without spending work points, then read on!

The whole point, let’s say right away, is to search for ancient artifacts that can be found on the northern continent, in mountains and reservoirs.

There are five types of artifacts in the game. These are forgotten archives of the library, lost pottery, a shining ruby, ancient tables of knowledge and a shiny statue.

The cost of these artifacts varies. Archives cost 10 gold, items cost 15, ruby ​​cost 25, tables cost 50, and the most expensive artifact is a shiny statue for 100 gold.

Obviously, the cheaper the artifact, the easier it will be to find. After you have found the artifact, you need to turn it in to the nearest smuggler on the island of freedom or on one of the two continents. There is a small note here – the cost of the pack does not change depending on the distance of transportation, as with a regional product, so where to carry the pack is up to you.

Of course, you will need to overcome water spaces, and for this you will need at least a harpoon boat, and there will be no problem of overcoming the sea.

It was a way to search for gold for those who love treasure hunting and the sea, and also do not want to spend work points.

Earning gold on cows!

how to earn gold from cowsRaise and milk cows

After reaching the maximum level in ArcheAge, many players are wondering where they can get gold for further development? The following bulletin tells how to make a decent fortune without spending a lot of time with the help of ordinary cows.

So, first you need to buy 20 cows – it will cost 50 gold. It is this amount that can be installed on a large scarecrow.

In order for the cows to be happy and give milk, you need to buy feed at the auction. You can also make it yourself, but you have to spend valuable work points.

Another important thing to have is livestock medicine. You can also buy it on the auk or make it yourself.

After purchasing the cattle and acquiring all the necessary ingredients, go install the cattle on your scarecrow. There is a rule for setting cattle so that exactly 20 pieces fit on a large scarecrow.

Let’s analyze all the pros and cons of this gold farm. Let’s start with the cons. This type of income requires large investments. It takes 50 gold to put 20 cows on a big scarecrow. Work points will also go into the cost – to feed and milk one cow, you will need 18 points. Therefore, it would cost 360 points to fully harvest the big scarecrow.

How to install cows on a big scarecrowHow to install cows on a big scarecrow

In this case, it must be borne in mind that the cow can get sick, and it will have to be treated. Also, a cow can be hungry and have to be fed twice, which requires work points.

Let’s move on to the positives. The biggest benefit is the big benefit. From one big scarecrow you can cut down 20 golds per day. A cow has a maturation period of 7 hours, and every 7 hours she can be fed and milked. Plus – she never dies, unless she is hacked to death. The cow is an endless source of profit. For 7 hours, a big scarecrow brings about 7 gold. You can milk three times a day.

After collecting milk, you do not need to go create packs and even auction milk to get a profit. You just go to another merchant and sell like a regular item.

What is the best way to spend Work Points?

Next, you will learn how to convert work points (OP) into gold and at the same time not waste it, but pump the necessary crafts, such as leatherworking, alchemy, animal husbandry and agriculture.

The first way is simple and straightforward – we just grow turkeys. This method takes a lot of work points, but nevertheless, it makes a profit. In general, we grow barley, buy turkeys and just kill them. As a result, we recoup our gold spent on kids with meat, simply by selling it to the store. In addition, we still have the skin with which we upgrade leatherworking, or you can simply sell it to the auction if currency is important to you. At the same time, animal husbandry is pumped – turkeys grow for four hours, so if you need a lot of skin, this is your way to get it.

The second way to earn gold and profitably spend work points is more interesting – we go and buy rice and corn seeds, we recycle it all into flower beds and plant it. Why redraw? So you will raise your farming level much faster. The higher the level of farming, the higher the chance of crits.

All these ingredients, namely rice, corn and their crits, will be needed for another craft, which we will be leveling next. This is alchemy. Our main income already comes from it – this is how we recycle our work points into money. From the collected ingredients, we craft a varnish composition, which is needed for reselling or re-crafting a higher level of leather. In the event of a resale, you will receive a very considerable profit.

By developing the farming craft, you will have a greater chance of collecting crit. The crit ingredients are peanuts, corn and rice. Collecting all of these and leveling up your craft will increase your chance of getting crits. More crits, more profit. The higher the level of the can, the more expensive it is for sale. The next level of the jar almost doubles in price just because it requires a large amount of crit ingredients.

This is what the whole system consists of – by increasing the level of your craft, you gradually increase the level of your income. Due to the fact that it is possible to collect critical ingredients with a high chance and due to the fact that by leveling a craft, the cost of RP for this craft is reduced by 10% with each step. Accordingly, for the same number of OPs, you get more and more profit. This is very profitable, because 5 gold is enough for the starting capital. And the main costs are OR, which are quickly restored.

And half a mile is the most important delicacy. At first, your profit from alchemy will be small, and the main profit will be from compound feed. By harvesting rice fields, you collect straw, which can be sold at auction for good money. But by growing an additional pumpkin and clover, you can additionally get twice as much for compound feed. That’s all!

That’s all on the topic of earning gold in ArcheAge. How to farm gold without a premium, I think, is not even a question. Choose any of the available methods, and go!


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