Arcado Champs is a mobile game that combines elements from several genres: tower defense and arcade machines. Thus, gamers participate in PvP matches, summoning fantasy creatures to the battlefield. Their goal is to protect their part of the pinball table.

You can already play Arcado Champs through Google Play – the release took place on November 1. And in the App Store there is still pre-registration with a release on December 10th.

Characters in Arcado Champs can be combined to create a stronger version. The developers also promise that PvP takes place between players from all over the world.

Another interesting mechanic is that to summon creatures it is not enough to assemble a deck of rare characters. You also need to get lucky, because before the call the player spins the wheel of fortune. Moreover, the number of spins is limited.

The only thing that can prevent Arcado Champs from becoming a good game is the age rating of 18+ and the number of downloads 500+. Because of this, it is worth preparing for battles against bots.

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