MARVEL World of Heroes is an AR adventure about superheroes and the Marvel Universe. The game was launched on iOS and Android in New Zealand; this is a test run.

Gamers will be able to create their own avatar by selecting 3 basic costumes: X-Men, Web Warriors and SHIELD Agents. Players take on the role of “hit-of-the-mill” who miraculously ended up in one of the universes of superheroes. Doctor Strange, Miles Morales and Captain America will teach them the basics.

Turn-based battles take place in MARVEL World of Heroes, in order to participate in them you need to walk around your city and face supervillains, including the Black Cat. Note that the player has a squad of heroes that can use joint combos for maximum damage.

The graphics in MARVEL World of Heroes 3D are cartoony, but the battery charge will be most affected by the application open in the background and real-time geodata collection. In general, the purchase of a power bank is guaranteed.

Of the pluses – the player needs to collect equipment, it not only affects the stats, but also changes the appearance. So don’t be surprised if you see a hero wearing Thor’s helmet, Iron Man’s breastplate, and Captain America’s shield.

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