Google services are pre-installed on Android smartphones, since there is no normal alternative to them. But Chinese manufacturers are gradually moving away from this philosophy. So, Xiaomi and Huawei make or have already made their own operating systems, for example, HarmonyOS.

I have a Russified smartphone from Honor with Google and Honor services. I was very surprised when, over the weekend, notifications popped up from others that the Google app was not just “secretly spying” on me, but was sending messages on my behalf with “18+” implications.

After that, I sounded the alarm and immediately installed Kaspersky. A full scan showed that there are no viruses on the smartphone.

Now on the website 9to5google an article appears that Huawei and Honor smartphones consider the Google application to be a virus and a threat. I don’t think this is a coincidence or a bug. Most of all, such notifications come to those who manually installed Google services on a Chinese smartphone.

This is probably a way to combat an American competitor, although some publications consider this to be an “anti-virus bug.”


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