The production of iPhones in China has become a meme, since Apple creates only the design of its smartphones in America, and they are produced in the Middle Kingdom. But the wind changes its direction, and Tim Cook’s company is slowly turning its sails towards India.

You shouldn’t expect hasty changes from Apple – analyst Ming-Chi Kuo knows that iPhone 17 will first be produced in India, and only then “in the rest of the world,” including China.

As reported by the publication firstpostApple is strengthening its relationship with the Indian government and Tata, which will assemble future iPhones. Let me remind you that in 2023 Apple supplies 12-14% of its devices to India.

One can wonder for a long time why the IT giant from Cupertino decided to move the bulk of its production to India. It is believed that Apple’s 10-year strategy includes increasing sales of its devices in India. Also, Tim Cook may believe that assembling iPhones in this country can be profitable in terms of time and cost.


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