Lesta Games continues its collaboration with the largest Russian comic book publisher Bubble: on October 23, Alexey Rykov, a shaman, tattoo artist, powerful magician, werewolf, known as the Black Dog, will appear in history.

But at one moment he seems to forget about all his talents. The last thing that remains in my memory is how he went through the portal to help Besoboy, the hero who appeared in Tanks Blitz at the first stage of the collaboration with Bubble.

To save Besoboy and restore the magical power and power of the werewolf, players will be able to take part in the “Black Dog in Tanks Blitz” event and ride a completely new Black Dog tank in camouflages that adapt to different weather conditions on the maps.

This stage of the collaboration between Tanks Blitz and Bubble is the culmination, in which three characters will meet at once. Players will have to go through more than one stage of the event to help the heroes get out of the trap.


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