Train Train Sim World 3 is already on the way – this was reported by the developers from Dovetail Games. The third part of the train driving simulator will boast a new weather system and will arrive for release in a month.

In the fresh part Train Sim World the team tinkered with the sky and lighting to convey the atmosphere of each of the routes. In addition, the immersion will be strengthened by a dynamic weather system – drivers will have to guide their cars through heavy rains and snow storms.

Gamers will travel to the mountains of America on a powerful heavy haul train, deliver British passengers to work, and ride a high-speed train in Germany.

Already available for pre-order. For an early purchase, they promise to let them into the game four days earlier, and they will also give a set of stickers for the paint editor. The standard edition includes tracks in the US, UK and Germany. They are also in the extended version, but from above they threw a journey on a steam locomotive from Liverpool to Crewe.


  • Standard Edition (Steam) – ₽930.
  • Standard Edition (EGS) — ₽1,099.
  • Deluxe Edition (Steam) – ₽976.5.
  • Deluxe Edition (EGS) – ₽1,169.1.


  • Standard Edition – $49.99

  • Deluxe Edition – $59.99


  • deluxe edition — $53.99.

With the purchase of a standard or enhanced edition Train Sim World 3 owners of the second part will receive free updated versions of paths from addons Spirit of Steam and southeastern high speed for triquel. “All additions for Train Sim World 2 available to play Train Sim World 3and you can always install and explore any of the purchased add-ons”says the product description.

Release Train Sim World 3 scheduled for September 6th. In addition to these platforms, the simulator will also be released in Game Pass. Declared support for the Russian language.


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