A small indie studio Bluespy, consisting of only two student developers, announced a toy tower defense called Toy Shire, in which we will return to childhood from the perspective of the child Kevin. The game is scheduled for the second quarter of next year, but Steam You can already try out the playable demo. Unfortunately, only in English.

Toy Shire takes us straight to childhood, to the treasured green soldiers that probably everyone had. In this tower defense, we are invited to remember the past and play as a child who places toys on the battlefield, inventing grandiose battles. Our goal is to protect ourselves from the attacks of long-forgotten and outdated toys with the help of brand new soldiers, ready to repel any threat.

As in any game of this genre, we need to protect the base from invasion. To do this, you will have to deploy troops, build defensive towers and constantly change tactics – enemies can appear in completely different places. In addition, judging by the developers, Toy Shire is planning not only a story campaign, but also many mini-games.



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