Larian Studios decided not to rest on its success and announced different variations of the Deluxe Edition for Baldur’s Gate III with discs for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC, which will be released in January-March 2024. You can pre-order the new product in the store Larian Merch, but this feature is only available in North America and Europe. The physical edition will cost $79.99, regardless of platform.

The Physical Deluxe Edition includes

  • The original soundtrack for Baldur’s Gate III in the form of three discs with adventurer anthems from Borislav Slavov;
  • Double-sided game card measuring 160 by 180 mm with interlocking edges and a vibrant print on both sides;
  • Stickers in the amount of 32 pieces with drawings of monsters, characters and more;
  • Flaming Fist, or Mark, or the Absolute patches, each 10 cm in size;
  • A Mind Flayer poster to let all your friends know that the invasion has already begun;
  • Game box for storing previous parts of the series, dimensions 200 x 240 x 55 mm;
  • Disc with Baldur’s Gate III itself.

Just keep in mind that there are three versions – for three platforms. The PC version adds a DVD with a Baldur’s Gate III custom installer and Steam serial key, which will require internet access. The PlayStation 5 version has two discs with the ability to play the game directly on them. And the version for Xbox Series X already has three discs with the option not to download the game itself.


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