Square Enix introduced the world Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Remastered PSP game from 2010. The studio published a trailer and talked about the features of the project. However, due to a number of leaks, the announcement of the remaster did not come as a surprise to fans of the series.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn – updated version Tactics Ogre from 2010, which, in turn, is a remake Tactics Ogre from 1995. AT Reborn improved graphics, sound and game design. Also introduced new mechanics such as autosave and speed up battles. According to the developers, the project remained close in spirit to the original.

AT Tactics Ogre: Reborn players will be transferred to the island nation of Valeria. Three nations coexisted on it, and the peace between them was maintained by the king. However, he died and left no heirs. Because of this, people are again at enmity, trying to take the throne. As a result, several people began to rule the people. Soon they began to oppress the inhabitants of Valister – a rebellion rose up against such an attitude. The protagonist and his companions will have to overcome their oppressors.

Simultaneously with the announcement, the collection of pre-orders started. There are two options to choose from: standard and premium edition (both in digital). Standard includes the game and three songs from the soundtrack Tactics Ogre: Reborn. The premium one offers the full soundtrack from Tactics Ogre 1995 with new tunes.

Release Tactics Ogre: Reborn scheduled for November 11, 2022. Platforms – PC (Steam), PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. On consoles, the game will be released both digitally and on physical media, and only the electronic version will be released for computers.


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