On November 7, publisher Gearbox accidentally published a trailer for the mobile game Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds. It was soon deleted, but insiders and we knew that if we waited for the release of Risk of Rain Returns, information about Hostile Worlds would become official.

And Gearbox didn’t keep you waiting – the publisher actually released a trailer for Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds. It again showed how different heroes try to survive in isometric and corridor levels. The controls will be manual, and the battles will be in real time.

For now, you can pre-register for Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds through the official website. For this, players will receive a unique Mercenary. It is already known that the actions of Hostile Worlds will unfold in parallel with the events of Risk of Rain 2. At the same time, the plot will be told differently.

The main goal in Hostile Worlds is to obtain rare loot. Gamers are promised elements from roguelikes, as well as battles in the best traditions of ARPG shooters. This game will be released on iOS and Android; There is no release date yet.


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