The developers from Chicken Launcher, together with the publisher Awaken Realms, presented a new open-world survival horror game – Project Mist. The debut trailer immediately showed us some gameplay, which, to be honest, is very reminiscent of a mixture of Far Cry 5 and Through the Woods. There is no release date yet, but it is already known that the game will only be released for PC in Steam and immediately with the Russian language.

The events of the game will take us to an extremely unusual island, full of mystical creatures, flying monsters, and just huge heads floating in the swamp. We have to do gathering, build fortifications, set traps for monsters and not only be ready for battle, but also somehow get to the secret of this place.

According to the Steam page, the game will include:

  1. Strange mysteries and secrets: from whales soaring in the sky, to rusty furs and a giant wall.
  2. Giant creatures, aggressive and not so, which you can hunt with weapons or simply watch in awe and horror.
  3. Your own shelter is the only lifeline in this world. Surround it with traps, siege weapons, mines and turrets to at least somehow protect yourself from the ever-present threats.
  4. And also a gravity gun, which will change the course of events and allow you to become head and shoulders above all your opponents.



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